Future Robot Army Warriors

Future Military Robot Warriors Technologies Full DocumentaryThe U.S. military has made a major commitment to deploying and developing robots for use on the battlefield--from the highly successful bomb disposal robots, to the unmanned aerial vehicles. We'll preview the latest armed robot, with aim so accurate and deadly that it virtually never misses its target and look at the difficulties of making military vehicles driverless. The use of robots in warfare fits into some of the basic tenets of American fighting: to reduce manpower with material and to kill the enemy either at a distance or with a surrogate soldier. In the future, the Pentagon hopes to have a ratio of 4-6 robots to every human soldier. It will be the human soldiers, not the robots, according to the Department of Defense, who will continue to make decisions of life and death...

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Rocket carrying an experimental Army strike weapon exploded early Monday after taking off from a launch pad in Alaska

U.N. officials, scientists and activists have gathered this week to debate a not-so-distant tomorrow filled with autonomous robot warriors -- but machines that can kill without human guidance are already here.

In fact, they are already being tested by militaries across the world.

The SGR-A1 robots, developed jointly by Samsung Techwin and Korea University, can automatically detect North Korean soldiers walking over the border and could technically fire without the help of a human.

That is not how they work in practice. Instead, once the SGR-A1 detects something, it alerts an operator who can then decide to pull the trigger. Why the middleman?

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