Britain's Biggest Diamond Heist The Inside Story

Britain's Biggest Diamond Heist? The Inside Story - It's one of the most audacious diamond heists in British history: despite CCTV, alarms and security guards, a six-man gang spent the Easter weekend breaking into a vault in London's Hatton Garden, escaping with the contents of safe-deposit boxes estimated to be worth millions. But how did they get away with it? Declan Lawn takes a journey into Britain's criminal underworld in search of the secrets behind the job - the creation of the team, the choice of target, the execution of the robbery and the escape plan. Speaking to victims of the crime, he asks what was inside the boxes. As the search for the perpetrators intensifies, how could they dispose of the stolen property?

Four men have pleaded guilty following an investigation into the burglary at Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Ltd which happened on Tuesday, 7 April.

The men pleaded guilty to consipracy to burgle, they are:

  • Terry Perkins, 67, a retired man of Heene Road, Enfield;
  • John Collins, 74, a retired man of Blestoe Walk, N1;
  • Daniel Jones, 58, a retired man of Park Avenue, Enfield EN1; and
  • Brian Reader, 76, a retired man of Dartford Road, Dartford.

They were remanded in custody and we await a date for sentencing.

The following all pleaded not guilty and will appear before Woolwich Crown Court on Monday, 16 November:

  • Hugh Doyle, 48, a self employed heating engineer of Riverside Gardens, EN2;
  • William Lincoln, 60, unemployed, of Winkley Street, E2;
  • Paul Reader, 50, unemployed, of Dartford Road, Dartford;
  • Carl Wood, 58, unemployed, of Elderbeck Close, Cheshunt; and
  • Jon Harbinson, 42, of Beresford Gardens, Benfleet.

The nine men appeared today, Friday 4 September, in custody at Woolwich Crown Court.

An estimated £20m worth of jewellery, gems and cash were taken. Three holdalls stuffed with valuables were later found at a property in north London. 

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