Secrets of China

Billie JD Porter reveals what it's really like to grow up in China, where respect for state and elders is being drilled into the next generation

Fit in or Fail

If you don't fit in, you are often seen as a failure. She visits a special bootcamp where kids are sent to be 'fixed' by their parents, and she discovers that many there are gaming addicts. As she explores China's glamorous gaming world, she asks what China's obsession with gaming really says about pressure and individual freedom in the world's most populated nation.

Desperate for Love

Billie JD Porter plunges into the competitive world of Chinese love - where marriage markets, dating bootcamps and even plastic surgery are used to increase marriage potential. In China, if you're not married by your late twenties you are branded a 'leftover'. Billie tracks down a new generation of Chinese women who are resisting the pressure to marry young, and experiences the extremes of China's marriage obsession, from underwater wedding photography to group ceremonies on a paradise island.

How to Get Rich

Billie JD Porter explores how China's recent boom is changing people's lives fast. In bustling Guangzhou, she meets struggling migrant workers from the countryside and some super-rich supercar owners. On China's only tropical island, she sees how tourism is booming and creating new types of jobs - she samples beach life Chinese-style, visits the world's largest duty free mall and second largest golf resort. As she celebrates a traditional Chinese New Year, Billie asks whether the future is looking as bright as the recent past for this huge nation.

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