The Sex Education Show: Stop Pimping Our Kids

From sexualised clothing for children and explicit magazines displayed on lower shelves in newsagents to provocative music videos routinely screened well before the watershed, Anna confronts the big businesses who are contributing to the sexualisation of kids and campaigns for change.

Episode 1

Anna launches a campaign against the sexualisation of children, tackling Primark over clothes that transform kids into mini adults and challenging Matalan about padded bras in their children's section

Episode 2

Stop Pimping Our Kids! Anna Richardson tackles newsagents WH Smith over the display of lads' mags on lower shelves and visits the children of Fairfax school in Sutton Coldfield.

Episode 3

Stop Pimping Our Kids! In the last of the series Anna investigates music television channels who beam shockingly sexual videos into homes through the day when kids are watching.

Episode 4

Exclusive online episode. It's boys vs girls in the Sex Education Show Quiz. The pupils also learn about having sex for the first time, with help from nude models, and advice from their own parents.