The Sex Education Show - Series 5

The Sex Education Show returns for a fifth series. Presented by Anna Richardson the new run features the results of a massive nationwide sex survey revealing the sexual landscape of Britain.

Episode 1

This episode shows students real living STIs close-up. Anna shows parents what their kids are looking at online, and arms them with the facts they need to talk to their kids about porn.

Episode 2

The show visits York High to teach pupils about male puberty. And Anna Richardson shows some parents how easy it is to log into online chat rooms with shocking conversations and content.

Episode 3

The show's Great British Sex Survey reveals in which part of the country people are most likely to have cheated on a partner, and the kids at Angmering School, Sussex, learn about genetics.

Episode 4

The roadshow visits Elliott school in Putney, south London, where pupils are taught about the three stages of pregnancy, and they learn about the birth itself on a visit to a labour ward.

Episode 5

A frank look at the world of sex. The roadshow visits Bishops Gore School in Swansea, where pupils get a full-frontal lesson on the subject of attraction.

Episode 6

The roadshow hits Stockport School near Manchester, where pupils try looking after a toddler for the day and get a lesson in how and why people come in so many different shapes and sizes.