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12 Most Dangerous Substances

Here are the most toxic, dangerous, and lethal substances there. From face melting acids to deadly gasses that leave people disfigured.

7. Batrachotoxin

Another lethal substance found in nature, this one comes straight from a poisonous frog. This lethal cocktail of deadly toxins are used in poison darts and can kill its target within a matter of seconds. The strange part about how this toxin is found, is that the frog doesn’t produce this chemical itself. It comes from part of their diet of poisonous beetles. You are what you eat I guess. The poison paralyzes the muscles, leaving the victim immobile but still alive. Eventually the poison moves to the heart and triggers a heart attack.

6. Tetrodotoxin

Also known as the pufferfish poison, this deadly fish leads to over 100 deaths per year. Interestingly enough, in the right dose, it has been used to treat pain in cancer patients. But risk-taking sushi enthusiasts put their own lives on the line by having this fish on their plate. Although it’s considered a delicacy, a potent neurotoxin is released from the fish's skin, liver, gonads and intestines. Chef’s in Japan require a special permit to prepare this deadly critter but of course, accidents still happen. Exposure will lead to paralysis, block of nerve impulses and eventually death by asphyxiation. I’ll just stick with the good ole California Rolls. 

5. Ricin

Ricin is one of the most deadliest poisons in the world and the side effects are just gruesome. Ricin is found in the castor oil plant and destroys your body’s cell builders. The result from this substance, even if you survive, is severe damage to all your major organs. Just 1 milligram is enough to kill an adult if it’s eaten or inhaled. This makes many countries curious about its possibilities as a chemical weapon. The gastrointestinal system is left destroyed and vomiting of blood is noticed first. Let’s hope this chemical doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

4. Asbestos 

This cheap, insulating material was commonly used in houses until the shocking toxic effects were finally discovered. This fibrous mineral is perfect for keeping homes fireproof. The only problem is that it’s extremely deadly and can cause lung cancer after exposure. There’s actually a city in Quebec Canada named Asbestos where you can go and visit an Asbestos mine! Many people don’t believe the serious effects of this toxin and continue to use it despite its poisonous qualities. Unless you like rock minerals trapped in your lungs for decades, don’t come near this stuff! 

3. Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric acid is used for removing rust off of steel but when it comes in contact with human skin the results are quite terrifying. This is also considered to be the most dangerous acid in existence. At first exposure, the victim may not feel any pain but after a few minutes, people have reported that they feel like they were lit on fire. Since this is considered a corrosive acid, it literally can melt off skin down to the bone. After an acid attack, many have been left permanently mutilated and since it destroys the tissue, there is nothing plastic surgery can do for these victims. These attacks are more common than you would think in third world countries, especially in India. The results will make you extremely grateful you still have a face.

2. Radioactive Waste

No other type of waste has caused so much panic and fear among citizens than radioactive waste. Can Yucca mountain in Nevada really handle the large amount of nuclear waste produced? Why is it being stored in such a remote location? Look at the damage of accidents like Chernobyl and Fukushima have caused. Regions that are affected are still uninhabitable even after decades have past Entire cities abandoned, human and animals left deformed. What other substances can cause genetic birth defects. The radiation cause defects in our DNA and even severely burn someone. It does however, occasionally have its medical advantages, but for the most part exposure can be extremely dangerous.

1. Botulinum Toxin

You probably have never heard of the scientific name but I’m sure you’ve heard of botox! That’s right, the stuff people are injecting into their face to look younger is, in fact, a neurotoxic poison. Like a lot of things on this list, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Not trying to give anyone any ideas here but if somehow terrorists got a hold of this substance, just one gram of airborne botox could kill an estimated million people. While a very small amount is used in treating muscle stiffness, this neurotoxin has devastating capabilities. Links between muscles and nerves are completely cutoff leading to respiratory failure.If you can’t breathe, you can’t live, end of story. If this is the true case, Kim Kardashian should be considered a weapon of mass destruction!


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