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9/11 twenty years later

Folloiwng 9/11 America went to War and invaded the Islamic Juhadis, but failure in an Afghanistan misadventure.


Twenty long years later, with over 2,300 young American warriors killed, tens of thousands more wounded, and a trillion futile dollars circling down the Kabul drain, make a meek, humiliating quietus—having made no impression. Having, indeed, forgotten why we came, if we ever did understand..


It was the day that shook the world – September 11, 2001, now forever known as 9/11. Twenty years on, Under Investigation returns to the very moment the world changed to investigate what went wrong and reveal what experts fear is yet to come.


9/11 was a horrific event carried out by a foreign enemy. A death toll, 2,977 victims, more devastating than Pearl Harbor which 2,403 died.

Not by Military Missiles, but just  two jumbo jets into the towers, and a third airliner-turned-missile penetrated the Pentagon. And the fourth plane, United Flight 93, hijacked then taken back by heroic passengers who did not survuve as the plane crash-landed.


Memorials, Memory And Meaning


Remembering the 9/11


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