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Amazonia: The Rainforest and the City Documentary

This series (Amazonia: Last Call) travels across Brazilian landscapes by way of one of the main links still binding the essence of humanity with the Earth: the Amazon.

You can trace a thousand years of our history through the lives and events of these 41 people. This six-part series made for UKTV History gets intimate with the Kings and Queens of England, from Anglo Saxon times through to Queen Elizabeth II.


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We will live for several months along with 184 members of this ethnic group, one of the last groups living in the countryside, ignoring our history and reigning over the Amazon jungle for centuries.


The filming of the first point of contact with an isolated race, the Zo'E, the encroachment on areas of the Amazonian forest previously uncaptured on film, the evidence relating to the development of the illegal trafficking of species or the recording of the immeasurable value of Brazil's natural spaces; these are just excerpts from the series.


Amazonia: The Rainforest and the City


The fight with the jungle against the city is clear: millions of people are inhabiting the banks of the Amazon River in subhuman conditions and this has serious consequences for your health. Living with dangerous enemies, as the Anopheles mosquito or the vampire bat.

We will see other cases in which the inhabitants of the Amazonian cities live new experiences thanks to gifts of nature testing substance psychoactive as Ayahuasca.  We will meet Tikunas and Kayapó Indians. With them we will know a white male who was kidnapped by the Indians as a child and now lives as one.


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