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Debate - If... Drugs Were Legal

Debate - If... Drugs Were Legal
The IF series of drama-documentaries examines the existing problems with drug prohibition and hears the arguments in favor of legalization.


Based on rigorous research and interviews with experts, the programme hears the arguments for leaving the most dangerous drug of all - crack cocaine - illegal, and examines how a legal and regulated system of drugs would work. 


The guests discussing the issues with Jeremy Paxman for the Newsnight debate were: * Danny Kushlick, director of Transform Drug Policy Foundation * Keith Hellawell, UK Drugs Czar 1998-2002 * Andrew Johns, forensic psychiatrist at the Maudsley Hospital * Emma Bonino MEP, former EU humanitarian affairs commissioner.



director of Transform Drug Policy Foundation: Danny Kushlick
UK Drugs Czar 1998-2002: Keith Hellawell
forensic psychiatrist at the Maudsley Hospital: Andrew Johns
former EU humanitarian affairs commissioner: Emma Bonino MEP


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