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Embarrassing Bodies - Full Episodes

Extreme Embarrassing Bodies - Full Episodes Videos

The `Embarrassing Bodies' doctors aiming to de-stigmatise common complaints that many people would rather ignore than take to their GP. Dr Christian Jessen, Dr Dawn Harper and Dr Pixie McKenna take a look at patients' ailments and discuss treatment plans.


Dr Pixie meets a man with hot testicles that were unbearable to touch- she sends him off to see if multiple procedures could get his balls back in working order. And she’s getting to the bottom of cutting edge surgery techniques using our own anuses.


Series 5, Episode 1


In Thailand, Dr Dawn and Dr James hunt down the embarrassing souvenirs some Brits bring home. And a woman who was in the first generation to have breast enhancement surgery asks Dr Christian for help.


Season 4 Episode 5 - Llandudno


There's a fertility theme in the clinic as Dr Pixie investigates why one woman has intense pain during sex, and why another seems to have a baby bump, although she isn't pregnant



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