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Test and Trace Exposed

28 September 2020 | BBC iPlayer

panorama, test trace exposed. 2020, Special

Panorama hears from whistleblowers working inside the government’s new coronavirus tracking system. They reveal chaos, technical problems, confusion and wasted resources.


Banking Secrets of the Rich and Powerful

21 September 2020 | BBC iPlayer

panorama, banking, money, 2020, Special

Panorama uncovers secret reports that expose how banks have failed to tackle crime. Reporter Richard Bilton also exposes the business deals billionaires would rather you didn’t know about.


China's Coronavirus Cover-Up

14 September 2020 | BBC iPlayer

panorama, cina, coronavirus, 2020, Special

Carrie Gracie investigates whether China hid crucial information about Covid-19 from the world.


Knives in the Classroom 9 September 2019

Chanell Wallace, whose brother was stabbed to death when she was 11, meets young people growing up in communities where carrying a knife is now normal.


The Hunt for Britain’s Slave Gangs 5 September 2019


Thousands of people across Britain are being forced into human slavery by ruthless gangs.

This Panorama special follows West Midlands Police as they bring down the biggest human slavery operation that has ever been caught in the UK.


Addicted to Gambling 11 August 2019


Britain’s betting industry is booming. The amount we lose to the betting companies has almost doubled in a decade, but are the bookies doing enough to protect problem gamblers?

Reporter Bronagh Munro investigates an industry where complaints are rising even more quickly than turnover. She meets a punter who gambled away more than £3 million and the families who have lost their children to addiction.


The Gatwick Drone Attack

15th April 2019

The Gatwick Drone Attack (2019) Documentary Online


With the most detailed account so far of the three days of disruption and the first in-depth interview with Gatwick since the attack, Justin Rowlatt asks what really happened. Why has no-one been caught? Was there a drone at all? And what needs to be done to protect our skies?



Can We Trust Huawei?

8th April 2019

Can We Trust Huawei? (2019) Documentary Online


They're one of the biggest and most powerful technology companies in the world, but can we trust the Chinese telecoms giant Huawei? They have the equipment to run the next generation telecoms network - which will power everything from the superfast phones to smart homes and driverless cars - but as we come more reliant on this type of technology, concerns have grown about Huawei allowing this network to be used to spy on us and even shutting the country down.


Director Producer : Simon Hancock © BBC

Britain's Most Controversial Landlord (2019) Documentary Online

Britain's Most Controversial Landlord

18 March 2019


The latest current affairs investigation from the BBC.


Director Producer : Oliver Price © BBC

These Pills Could Kill You (2019) Documentary Online

These Pills Could Kill You

4 Mar 2019


Chris Clements reveals stories from one rural community where lives have been devastated by the growing abuse of prescription pills bought illicitly online.



BTrans Kids: Why Medicine Matters - 2019 Documentary Film Video 2019

Trans Kids: Why Medicine Matters

25 Feb 2019


More young people than ever are exploring their gender identity. Last year, two and a half thousand under-eighteens were referred to NHS England’s gender identity clinics for support. Some are hoping to get access to potentially irreversible treatments as soon as they can. Doctors are divided about the best way to help.


Producer: Jenny Parks © BBC

Million Pound Selfie Sell Off 2019 Documentary Series Video

Million Pound Selfie Sell Off

11 February 2019


Big-name brands have flocked to online stars, paying them millions to endorse their products, but the market has been criticised as being a 'Wild West' of misleading and unregulated advertising, plugging everything from bogus diet drinks to online gambling to young audiences.


Producer: Jamie Hamilton, Matthew Hill © BBC

Brexit: Who's in Charge?

4 Feb 2019

Brexit: Who's in Charge? 2019


In June 2016, the UK voted for Brexit. Two and a half years on we seem stuck. Filming with voters in Yorkshire and Kent, Adrian Chiles finds people's opinions are more entrenched and divided than ever. But most seem to agree on one thing - our politicians are failing to get us out of the mess we are in. Adrian follows MPs through a historic fortnight in Westminster to find out who is in charge - and whether they are putting party politics before the best interests of the country.


Producers: Leo Telling, James Routh, Alys Cummings © BBC

Killed in Hospital *

21 January 2019

Killed in Hospital 2019


An official inquiry has found that more than 450 patients had their lives cut short at an NHS hospital. Many were given fatal doses of painkillers even though they were not terminally ill and had only been admitted for rehabilitation following routine operations. So what was really going on at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital? Reporter Richard Bilton investigates the evidence and challenges those who may be to blame for the deaths.


Producers: Dominic Blake, Tim Robinson © BBC

Takeaway Secrets Exposed

14 January 2019

Takeaway Secrets Exposed 2019


The UK takeaway industry is booming. The country now spends over £10 billion a year on takeaway food, with the online market being dominated by giants like JustEat and Deliveroo. But what is the real cost of convenience?


Director Producer: Ceri Isfryn © BBC

HS2: Going off the Rails? 2018

HS2: Going off the Rails?

17 Dec 2018


Thousands of home and businesses are affected and land is already being cleared to make way for the new High Speed 2 train line - the biggest infrastructure project in Europe. HS2 has a price tag of £56 billion, but does anyone know how much it will really cost? As land gets bought up, Panorama investigates the impact the controversial rail scheme is having and what the final cost could be.


Executive Producer: Alison Priestley © BBC

The Great Implant Scandal 2018

The Great Implant Scandal

26 Nov 2018


They keep us moving and they keep our hearts beating, but not all medical devices are properly tested before they are put inside us. Reporter Deborah Cohen investigates an industry where some patients are treated like human guinea pigs and then abandoned when things go wrong.


Producers: James Oliver, Andrew Head © BBC

Salisbury Nerve Agent Attack - The Inside Story 2018

Salisbury Nerve Agent Attack - The Inside Story

22 Nov 2018


Panorama special telling the inside story of how Russia sent an assassination squad to Salisbury to murder former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia. In the first nerve agent attack in Europe ever, this brazen and reckless attack risked contaminating thousands of people.


Producer: Mike Rudin © BBC

Catfish: The Billion Pound Romance Scam 2018

Catfish: The Billion Pound Romance Scam

19 Nov 2018


It's a crime that breaks the hearts of victims as well as emptying their bank accounts. Thousands of people lose money to romance frauds each year after being conned on internet dating sites. The criminals are called catfish, and they promise love and marriage to get cash. Reporter Athar Ahmad turns the tables on the fraudsters by using his own fake dating profile to expose the international gangs behind the crime.


Producer: Laura Burns © BBC

Getting a Fair Trial? 2018

Getting a Fair Trial?

14 Mar 2018


Everyone has the right to a fair trial, but how sure can people be that, if it came to it, they would get one?


Cases where crucial evidence had not been investigated by the police or where evidence had been withheld from defendants.


Producer: Alistair Jackson © BBC

Taking On Putin 2018

Taking On Putin

14 Mar 2018


If the Russian president does win six more years in power, he will become the country's longest-serving ruler since Stalin. So why is Putin so powerful?


Producer: Jonathan Coffey © BBC


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