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Spider Power - Nature's Ultimate Predator

Spiders are nature s ultimate predators. Weaponry in the spider world is akin to the array of armaments used in modern warfare spray guns, camouflage gear, traps and snares, chemical weapons and even smart technology. Yet there is one difference: spiders take no prisoners. Using a combination of state-of-the-art computer graphics and never before seen footage, this DVD delves into the dark lifestyles of deadly arachnids. It reveals how the unique predatory behaviour of spiders evolved alongside an incredible armoury of lethal hardware. Their weaponry, combined with the ability to launch sophisticated attack strategies, make spiders nature s most effective hunter. Spider Power closes in on a miniature but deadly world, as terrifying as any horror film. This is a world where force and intimidation are tools of the trade. Where battles are brutal, brawn matters, but so do brains. Watch in awe as these bizarre, alien-like creatures use chemical weapons, ambush techniques and pure malice to defeat their enemies.

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